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About Us

E-MedLinks S.A.R.L. is a Specialized Information Technology Solution Provider

Welcome to our website!

In an environment where IT and Business Requirements meet, a lot of challenges can be identified; challenges that might keep professionals and facilities from getting the proper benefit of the advances in technology. E-MedLinks plays the role of the facilitator and the aid in delivering IT Services in Al Khobar, Dammam and Beirut (namely Networking - IT Infrastructure Solutions - CCTV - Hardware Supply - Telecommunication and Software Development Services).

E-MedLinks is a limited liability company that was established in Lebanon on the 1st of August 2010, with the aim of providing Customized Software Solutions, thus, enabling organizations to manage their daily activities in a fast, accurate and secure manner.

Recognizing the problems facing today´s business and healthcare industries, and their constantly expanding needs, the founders set out to create a company which could offer innovative and dynamic IT solutions, within a broader framework of transparency, efficiency and sound management, in Lebanon & the GCC. The result was E-MedLinks.


We strive to help our clients build best business processes, deliver high quality products and streamlined services by constant innovation through adaptive processes while maintaining a transparent approach and focusing on distinctive core competencies that go hand in hand with that of our clients.

E-MedLinks was setup with a key objective of providing cost-effective and quality services to its clients. Noting the difficulty and the economic burden of implementing automation, E-MedLinks chose to specialize in this field and transform this task´s load to a challenging duty, which E-MedLinks is more than glad and geared up to undertake. E-MedLinks believes in Quality, Promptness, Transparency, Best Technologies, and Long Term Relationships as pillars of success.

One of E-MedLinks´ key strengths from the very beginning has been its team;We, from the outset, brought together a group of professionals, from various disciplines, with extensive experience at some of the region´s leading Institutions.Our team has developed and maintained a reputation for industry-leading levels of personalized, efficient, professional,diligent services. Furthermore, E-MedLinks management comes from IT / Business & Contracting / Medical / Nursing / Health Insurance backgrounds and is specialized in solutions analysis and development.