Security and Surveillance Solutions


Security & Surveillance Technologies (CCTV)

The range of security cameras vary from the smallest internal cameras to the lengthy distant ones with all the needs from night IR to motion detection to face recognition to the capability of detecting intrusions through heat, zones,…, human Vs objects motion differentiation…

A new range is dealt with having virtual DVR allowing one camera to work as if you have installed several cameras (up to 4), and each one can be configured alone. For example by installing one of this type of cameras in this room, we can direct one zoom towards the first door, another one to monitor the window, a third one to monitor the second window, a third one to monitor an object inside that room,…furthermore there will be different level of security observing, starting simply from monitoring to detecting then recognizing the persons coming in.

At the recognition level, the employees walking inside a building are known by their names from the system, therefore if someone passes in a hall, you know who is it, and can follow your personnel to monitor their allowed/denied areas.