Office Networking, Telecommunication, and Electrical Services

Hardware Supply Services, Networking & Infrastructural Undertakings

- Networking and IT Solutions

IT support and maintenance for small to medium size enterprises at a cost effective rates. This is in addition to networking and IT infrastructure setup and Hardware Supply.

Do you want to computerize your building/office in a way to turn on the A/C of one employee once he enters the parking for example, and once he leaves, you turn it off… any building/office automation system is now supported with the state of the art technologies available, for example managing your internal telephony systems or replacing your old telephony with the latest IP telephony available in the market.

Services We May Provide are (but not limited to):

  • Hardware & Installation Services
  • Networking Solutions Services (UTP, Fiber Optics, etc).
  • Digital & Analogue Telephone Systems.
  • Servers & Data Centers Setup and configuration.
  • Biometric System (Attendance & Door Access Systems).
  • Online monitoring systems.
  • CCTV Systems (Outdoor, Indoor, DVR)
  • Queuing Systems.
  • Integrated security and building management solutions
  • Building management systems
  • Infrared and thermal imaging cameras (Mobile and fixed)
  • Live detection security systems (Cars and Humans)
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Face recognition solutions
  • Control Rooms
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Systems
  • Telecommunication Solutions
  • Active Directory
  • Storage Solutions
  • Desktop Deployment